Keto-friendly Vanilla Collagen Coffee Creamer Review

Keto-friendly Vanilla Collagen Coffee Creamer Review
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Keto-friendly Vanilla Collagen Coffee Creamer Review

Nowadays Keto diet or The Ketogenic diet has gained immense popularity. One needs to understand what a Keto diet is. A Keto diet is high in fats and low in carbohydrates. It has many health benefits. Studies carried out on the Keto diet show that it helps to reduce weight and is effective in improving health.

When a person drastically reduced carbohydrate intake and substitutes carbohydrates with fats the body shifts into a metabolic state known as ketosis. When the body acquires the ketosis state it becomes very efficient in burning the fats and transforming fats into energy.

There are many different types of Ketogenic diets. But most of the research is done on only two types of diets. These are the standard and high protein ketogenic diets. Today we will not go into further details about the keto diet, rather we will shed some light on a keto-friendly collagen coffee creamer.

Now the point arises what is collagen? Collagen is a protein that is found in our bodies abundantly. It accounts for one-third of the protein in our body. It can be compared to a glue that holds all the body together.


We will be discussing some of the key highlights of vanilla creamer for coffee offered by Key Nutrients.

This coffee creamer is made from creamy Coconut oil, Milk, and Stevia (sweetener).



  • This coffee creamer adds power to your morning coffee. It delivers collagen peptides which are essential for healthy skin, bones, hair, digestion, and athletic performance. The coconut oil adds the energy you need first thing in the morning.


  • This coffee creamer contains powdered collagen which is derived using the hydrolysis method to extract proteins from cow bones and other cattle byproducts. So, the cattle parts used in the extraction of collagen are from grass-fed cattle.

Coconut and Vanilla

  • To add creaminess to the creamer coconut oil is used. Coconut oil adds a creamy texture as well as an energy boost to this coffee creamer. The Vanilla flavor from stevia extract is added for sweetness. This extract has no glycemic effect, nor does it have after taste.

Dissolves Quickly

  • This coffee creamer does not require any kind of blending or tedious handling to add it to your desired drink. It quickly and effortlessly dissolves in hot and cold liquids just with a spoon.

Planet Friendly and High-Quality Tested

  • This Key Nutrients’ Vanilla Collagen Creamer has undergone a high level of purity tests. You can rest assured that you are buying a high purity tested product. The methods and processes used to acquire the ingredients are clean, sustainable, and simple. The sustainable method is earth-friendly as well as budget-friendly.


From the above discussion, we can derive that collagen is a necessary binding protein abundantly found in our bodies. There are many supplements available in the market and all are projecting their benefits. It all boils down to the individual’s lifestyle and habits.

A health-conscious person does not need any food supplements. Those striving for healthy living should take help from such supplements till they become fit enough to switch over to a completely natural diet.

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